Young Cooperator Program

The CO-OP recognized the value of bringing people together with common interests to discuss their experiences, problems and solutions. The St. Albans CO-OP ‘s Young Cooperator program emphasizes cooperative education, industry information and legislative activity. The Young Cooperators assist their cooperative in working with the general public, promoting dairy products and sharing agricultural information through public informational meetings. They also participate in various festivals and county fairs, sponsor floats, work with local school breakfast programs and sponsor a collegiate scholarship program.

The St. Albans Young Cooperators are involved in the National Milk Producers Federation Young Cooperator Program. The purpose of the National Young Cooperator program is to educate and build leadership ability in young dairy farmers. In order to develop this leadership, Young Cooperators must first gain a better understanding of the needs and problems facing milk-marketing cooperatives. This results in educated, articulate young people who will provide the future direction for agricultural cooperatives.

Membership in the St. Albans CO-OP ‘s Young Cooperators is open to all St. Albans CO-OP  members and their families and to all employed on a farm that are under age forty (40). The Young Cooperator’s group has an executive committee composed of thirteen (13) members. Executive committee members are encouraged to serve as couples.  This group is actively involved in the CO-OP’s annual meeting and holds their own YC annual meeting.

To become a member of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, Inc. Young Cooperators, please contact the CO-OP for more information.