Member Data

This page is for members to obtain information about their farm and accounts with the Cooperative. Component levels, quality and milk check information are all available. The Member information for your farm is maintained by the St. Albans Cooperative, who is responsible for the information, operation and security of this site.


There are now new options after logging into your member account:

Internet Explorer Only, Multi Browser, Other Links “Internet Explorer Only” is the same pages that have been available and only works with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9. (If the producer test area remains blank after you click Current Weight and Test View, try deleting the browser cache. To delete the browser cache open Internet Explorer: click Tools, Internet Options, Delete…, check the boxes (Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History) and click Delete, then restart Internet Explorer.) If you still cannot open your data when using Internet Explorer please contact our office for further assistance.

“Multi Browser” can be used by any Website Browser (ex: Safari, Firefox, etc.) and Smartphone to access your information. (Even Internet Explorer) “Other Links” will have links to the Cellphone Discount sites for Verizon Wireless, and AT&T, and also have Secure Notices from the Cooperative.

To obtain your farm’s information you will need your FARM NUMBER and a UNIQUE PASSWORD as assigned by the Cooperative. If you have not had a unique password assigned yet and would like one you must email the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery with your request. The Cooperative will respond with a verification phone call and/or a reply to your email with your password. Click here to E-mail St. Albans CO-OP. If you would like to receive your current lab tests for the last 21 days e-mailed to your personal e-mail at 4 pm daily, please contact our office at 802-524-6581. We will need your producer number and e-mail address to set up this service.

Note: all quality information is PRELIMINARY until the payroll for that period has been completed. Corrections due to bad tests or incorrect data input may occur until payroll has been finalized. IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH LOGGING INTO THE PRODUCER INFORMATION PAGE PLEASE CLICK ON THIS INSTRUCTION PAGE. YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THE INSTRUCTION PAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.