The Dairy in the Classroom Program is Growing and Needs You!

Farms Needed for Tours to Teach Students About Farming


 Dairy in the Classroom is a program offered to Vermont Schools and funded by Vermont Dairy farmers. The program was designed by Virginia Holiman to increase students’ appreciation and knowledge of dairy farming, dairy products and healthy eating.  Partners include New England Dairy & Food Council, Shelburne Farms and Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Foods & Markets.

One major part of the program is to bring students to tour the farms that make the dairy products they love. The program started with 10 classrooms in Franklin and Grand Isle County four years ago. Because of its wide popularity with schools, the program has brought in additional partners and has expanded, offering grants to up to 40 classrooms in schools across Vermont every year!

As the program grows, more farms are needed for tours so that educators can show the next generation of dairy consumers why farming and dairy products are so important to our community. Experience with tours is helpful but is not required; educators will communicate with the farmer ahead of the tour to help prepare and provide the teacher’s expectations of the tour as well as some of the questions the students have prepared.

Compensation for the farmer is $100 per classroom. Often multiple classrooms will attend a tour. For example, if 3 classrooms visit, the farmer would receive $300. Please contact Virginia Holiman if you’d like to host a farm tour and help students better understand dairy farming. Phone: 802-868-2295 Email:

Pictured is Cambridge Elementary School at a tour of Paul-Lin Dairy.


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